Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Race Result: 2013 Resolution Solution 5K Run

Event: 2013 Resolution Solution 5K
Date: Tuesday January 1, 2013
Location: White Bear, Minnesota
Hotel: Home, sweet home
Weather: -4F, moderate winds at 4-6 MPH from WSW making it feel like -12F
Official Results: 2013 Overall Results

Personal Results

Goal: Sub-21 minutes
Actual: 19:46 (note: course was 2.98 miles equivalent to a 20:36 true 5K)
Overall: 7th (140 total); 1st in 50-59 AG (22 total)

Yep, it was cold.

The Splits
Flat course

GoPro Video

I'm going to try to use the GoPro as much as I can during the race season. I think it will add a neat perspective. I toyed with the speed on this one, perhaps making it a bit too fast, but who wants to watch a 20-minute video of someone running!?!? I'd appreciate all feedback, positive and negative, on this new feature.

2013 Resolution Solution 5K from Brian Maas on Vimeo.

Mile One (6:29)

We started the race quickly, not a lot of standing around waiting on instructions. Which was appreciated. Heck, I didn't even bother to warm-up too much, other than some striders.

The road was not closed so we were instructed to hit the paved trail ASAP. Footing was decent, just a few icy areas. Since there were only 140 people, crowding was not an issue.

The runners at the front started out super quick. As I've only been running a few weeks now that the tibial stress fracture appears healed, I just took it out a bit too fast. After about 1/4 mile I noticed I was running at approx 6:10 per mile clip, so I dialed it back. Way back. The 6 flat pace for a 5K that I should be running can wait. It will come.

Mile Two (6:38)

After a little lollipop loop at the end of the out-and-back course, we started back along the same path. I was breathing pretty hard but was able to pick off two runners to move into 7th overall. I just kept it loose and happy.

I was pleased with how well the legs were holding up. I still have to drop 12 pounds of excess weight before the multi-sport race season really gets serious in April.

Mile Three (6:39)

The course was a bit short, per the Garmin. But I was pretty frozen over and happy to see the finish. Run flats are not very good cold protection when the temps are this low! I was pleased for my first official race back since the stress fracture on April 1 of 2012. It will only get better from here.


I was able to hold off a few late charges and immediately headed for the warmth of the VFW center. FrontRunner does a great job with their race series. Check them out for future races.


Awards were given for top 3 in each age group, 10 year increments. Nice sized medals. Top 2 finishers overall for men & women also received coffee mugs.

1st in Men's 50-50 AG
Next Race

Sasquatch Shuffle Snowshoe 5K

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