Sunday, June 17, 2012

Blog Enters "Jeremiah Johnson" Status

Jeremiah Johnson is a jaded veteran of the Mexican/American war. He turns his back on the life he has previously led to become a mountain man up in the Colorado Rockies. His first winter is a difficult one which almost ends in starvation.

Because of the latest injury, I have nothing to post. I have been unable to run since April 1. My bike and swim mileage is half of what it should be as I wait out recovery. Therefore, I am not really competing. I have disconnected myself from Facebook and Twitter association with those people who are really just minor personal athletic acquaintances. If you are still connected to me via one or both of those social media, you are then in my thoughts and I have elected to stay connected from afar. I may even respond to one of your postings from time to time.

Just like any trapper, I will need to head to the trading post from time to time. In this analogy, it means I will post one of two things on this blog until such time I am fully recovered and racing again. One, anything on my injury. There should be a posting coming in 7-10 days when I receive the results of my MRI.

Two, a race result from the Boy®. He will be competing in three triathlons over the next few weeks:

Jun 23 (signed up) - GraniteKids Triathlon - St. Cloud, MN - 150yd swim, 3mi bike, 0.75mi run

Jul 7 (signed up) - Hy-Vee IronKids Waterloo - 300yd open water swim, 8mi bike, 2mi run

Jul 21 (signed up) - Hy-Vee IronKids - Rochester, MN - 300yd pool swim, 8mi bike, 2mi run

I bid you all the best of luck in your racing endeavors in 2012. Hopefully, I will see you on some course in 2013.


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Jumper 2.0 said...

You know, I'm not just blowing smoke when I'm saying that somehow, I think you'll come back stronger.

I'm purposely taking it easy this year because I want to correct all my imbalances before training heavier (it's getting there) and the kids are getting bigger. Just enjoying time with them. I was signed up for the Twin Cities Tri but that was just cancelled for some reason.

Hope the MRI results are good next week.