Monday, April 30, 2012

Meet the Newest Member of the Family

Seems for the most part that we've always had two dogs. Companionship for the brace being one of the reasons. So when we lost our girl, Glynis, at the age of 15 1/2 last November we sort of started investigating puppy possibilities.

First, a brief history of our most cherished family members.

In 1992 we brought home our first dog, The Dalmatian was Olivia Kachina Kodak. Olivia was the name we picked out. Kachina was the breeder line, Kodak because Olivia’s mom was the dog used in Kodak ads in the early 90s.

Olivia was Mommie's girl

In 1996 we brought home our second dog. The first whippet was Glynis Cyfie Bryn. Glynis was the call name. Cyfie Bryn is the name of our favorite bed-and-breakfast farm house in Wales.


Glynis could outrun snowmobiles

Olivia and Glynis got along very well

In 2000 brought home a human puppy. The dogs protected him. Seriously. You could not approach the baby without first passing Dog Security.

Glynis and Olivia protect the Boy
And the security was 24-hours a day.

Olivia passed away far too early (10 years old) in 2001. We waited until 2004 to get a second dog. The second whippet is Northwind’s Pont Robert. Call name is Pont. Northwind is the breeder line. Pont Robert is the name of the small town near Cyfie Bryn Farm. Pont means ‘bridge’ in Welsh so Pont was our bridge back to Olivia.

Pont, always playing with toys

He and Glynis were inseparable.

Our Frisbee dogs

Pont has been lonely after the death of Glynis. So it is time for another. This dog is Northwind’s River Song. Call name will be River. River Song is the wife of Doctor Who in the British sci-fi series. So we stay British themed. And Doctor Who and River Song are both capable of ‘regeneration’ so River will be the regeneration of Glynis.

River at 11-weeks

She is adapting well.

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Mario said...

Nice looking pup! Just catching up on the Maas world.