Monday, May 23, 2011

Race Preview: Sartell Apple Duathlon

Event: 29th annual Sartell Apple Duathlon
Course: 5K run, 33K (20.5 miles) bike, 5K run
Date: Saturday, May 28
Location: Sartell, MN
Previous Results: 1992 62nd overall, 18th in 30-34 AG

We'll get back to that 1992 race in a bit. Nineteen years Anyway, as of now I plan to do this event. Notice I did not say race. I won't be racing. My 5K runs will be jogs. The leg is coming along but I simply cannot accelerate at the moment.

Take this past Saturday, for instance. I had a nice brick: 42 mi bike (19.4 MPH avg) then 4 mi run (7:30 pace). The leg was OK on the run. I had zero pain in the butt where the pelvic stress fracture originated from. However when I try to open the throttle a bit I get a bit of pain in the front groin. So I think if I take all my runs easy I should be OK.

Back to that event in 1992. Back then, the Apple Du was held on September 12. It was a 2.5 mile run, a 20 mile bike and 2.5 mile run. My splits were (I would have been 31 then):

Run 1 - 16:14 (6:29/mi)
T1 - 1:20
Bike - 1:00.06 (19.3 avg)
T2 - 1:03
Run 2 - 18:23 (7:23/mi)

The male winner was Harley Hanson of Brookings, SD. Anyone wanna guess who won the gals? Yep, Jan Guenther. More importantly was my choice of race day fashion for the event. Ah, yeah. What was I thinking?

I must have dressed in the dark that morning
So, unless I have a bad week I hope to be toeing the line this coming Saturday in Sartell. Then, when the gun goes off I'll glide to the back of the pack and try to catch everyone on the bike.

Shout Outs!

Chris Hawes, for his PR at Gear West Duathlon on May 22. It was a ultra muddy affair at that event. Just take a gander at his shoes afterwards!

Or even worse, the guy the shoes belong to. Looks like a XC race in Oregon for crying out loud. And it sort of looks like fun.

Greta Simpson, for her 3rd overall (female elite) at the Oakdale Duathlon on May 14.

Mario Minelli, for his 36:45 10K performance at Stay out of the Sun Run on May 20.

Mike Fretland, for his 1:25.12 in the Fargo Half marathon on May 21. Mike took 2nd in the M 35-39 AG. 38th overall out of 6156 runners.

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Christopher Hawes said...

Thanks again for the shoutout and the appropriate pictures. I will see you Saturday at Apple. Last year at Gear West and Apple I jogged it (my jog is much slower than your jog), so I know how you feel. This year I will be able to open it up a little. With new running shoes.