Monday, May 9, 2011

Race Preview: Lakes to Pines Triathlon & Shout Outs

Event: 4th annual Lakes To Pines Triathlon
Date: Saturday, May 14
Location: Park Rapids, MN
Previous Results: 2010 Overall Rank - 5th (63 total); 2009 Overall Rank - 3rd (35 total); 2008 Overall Rank - 3rd (28 total)

Main Triathlon
Swim: 500 yard swim held in the Park Rapids H.S. Pool
Bike: Double Loop 14.7 mile ride on paved roads
Run: 5K run on a fast, out-and-back course finishing on the H.S.Track

Kids Triathlon
Ages 9 & Under - Swim:  50 yard swim. Bike: 0.48 miles. 0.30 mile run finishing on the H.S.Track.  Ages 10-12 - Swim:  100 yard swim. 1.10 mile bike, Run 0.30 mile run finishing on the H.S.Track.

Last year's event had stellar weather. The top seven (7) males, including myself, went under the previous course record. Five (5) females went under the previous female course record. Back to defend his 2010 title will be Mike Fretland of Bismarck, ND. This will be Mike's first event after his 3:11 marathon at Boston.

I know what you are thinking. How am I going to do a triathlon with my pelvic stress fracture? I can't run yet, so what's up? Simple: Often talked about but never done, the Maas family will be doing its first triathlon relay. Well, two of us anyway, as the Well Kept Wife© has to remain behind due to family obligations (graduation of a niece).

For this event, I will be swimming and biking before tagging off to the Boy® who will then run the 5K. He is pretty excited about his first 'adult' triathlon event. And then he figures if he has at least an hour to rest, he'll then compete solo in the kids event. Me thinks I have created a monster. Train and race everyday like it's your last on Earth. Wonder who he got that from?

So, while this injury could have sent me into a deep, dark funk I have accepted it and am dealing with it in the vein of the old adage. When life gives you lemons.....

Please note that next year, this event will be have new race date as they are moving it to June. June 16, 2012 to be exact. Capture it on your calendar now. This is one of the best kept secrets out there for Minnesota triathlons. Although, it might not be so secret any more.

Shout Outs!

Only one this week, and it goes to the Boy®. He had his first long course (meters) swim event of the season at the U of M Aquatic Center and he did super. We went in hoping for 2 C-Qualifying finishes out of his six events and he ended up with four. And quite nearly six. In order of finish, on Saturday he swam:
  • 50 Meter Back in 51.43. C Standard is 54.29
  • 200 Meter Freestyle in 03:24.35. C Standard is 03:36.99. His 50-splits were 47:35, 54.22, 52.98, 49.79.
  • 50 Meter Freestyle in 43.44. C Standard is 45.69. He was a little gassed, but survived.

On Sunday he swam:
  • 100 Meter Freestyle in 01:31.14. C Standard is 01:40.09. His 50-splits were 42:86 & 48.28. Note how his opening 50 was faster than his 50 open from the night before. Amazing.
  • 50 Meter Butterfly in 51.08. C Standard is 50.79. Missed by a mere 0.29 seconds. He was bummed but pretty happy and is confident he'll get it next time.
  • 400 Meter Freestyle in 07:45.72. C Standard is 07:38.29. Missed by 7.43 seconds. For his very first attempt, I thought it great. His coaches loved the fact that he did bilateral breathing on every 5th stroke the whole way. He swam his last 50 in :52. He didn't complain about the distance afterwards. I did give him pause though when I asked if he felt he could immediately bike and then run after such a swim. He just smiled and said, "Sure, Dad. No problem."
The team overall swam great. So, I have changed my mind and am giving a second Shout Out! to the entire team and coaching staff of the Plymouth Piranhas. You all did awesome and you all did a fantastic jump cheering and supporting your teammates!

The Boy® & Champ swimmer Sam H.

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Dr. TriRunner said...

Pass on a congrats to your son! I look forward to the day the Nat switches over to long course, and will miss it dearly during the summer. :) Thankfully Richfield has a sweet outdoor 50m pool for CHEAP during their "twilight" hours!

Regarding the injury - good call on the relay. I've dealt with plenty of sfxs myself and sitting out is the pitts... but I never considered doing a relay. What a great way to participate and get the whole family involved!