Sunday, January 2, 2011

Totals: Month Ending December 2010 and Year End

A bad month, but a good year for total numbers. December, in retrospect, I should be happy with the numbers considering I missed fourteen (14!!) total workout days. Weather and the Real Job© just killed me. So if I double the numbers that pretty much fits with other months this year. But man, I lost a lot of time.

For the year, it was very, very good. No major injuries save for a minor flair up of one Achilles in June. But nothing like 2009 when I had like 40 total running miles during June-July-August. I'm happy with my 2010 workout totals and hope that carries into 2011.

December 2010 Total Numbers

Total Workout Hours: 21:47:40
Swim Miles - 8.05
Bike Miles - 181.75
Run Miles - 54.82 (7:53 per mile avg, friggin' snow)

Compare to last year -

December 2009 Total Numbers

Swim Miles - 13.02
Bike Miles - 150.9
Run Miles - 36.58

Compare to last month -

November 2010 Total Numbers

Total Workout Hours: 24:49:27
Swim Miles - 4.20
Bike Miles - 206.15
Run Miles - 84.69 (7:30 per mile avg)

Year-Ending (2010)

Swim Miles - 125.5 (108.1 in '09)
Bike Miles - 3266.58 (2812.79 in '09)
Run Miles - 1140.4 (459.82 in '09)

Next Event -

Jan 23 - Frost Yer Fanny Duathlon; Houston, TX (USAT) - 3mi run, 15mi bike, 2mi run

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Adam Beston said...

That was a really good year for you. Especially in the run. Glad to see the achilles is doin better. Since all those numbers are up looks like it is time to bump the intensity. Hit those bike intervals on the trainer while you can track them.