Monday, November 1, 2010

Totals: Month Ending October 2010

One race to go. I've been telling people I'm feeling like a NFL running back at the end of the season. My lower back is hurting. One knee is off & on soreness. The right Achilles has been a little gimpy. Nothing to take any time off for, just need to muster through. Heating pad on the back while I sleep. Compression socks all day long. Achilles wrap over the compression socks. I just need to hang in there for a few more weeks!

As far as the highlight of the month, I'll point to running two events with my family. One was in Fargo and the other in Phoenix. The Boy® and the Well Kept Wife™ both ran races with me. It was fantastic. A true family affair now and it adds to the mix of enjoyment and pain (we're all sore afterwards and fighting for the warm shower or whirlpool!).

One event, number nineteen for 2010, left on the calendar. I will be off to Texas and the Texas Motor Speedway the weekend of November 12. More on that in the coming days.

October went OK. Wish I could have gotten more in on the bike but with two trips, the Real Job©, and the fading sun I have to be happy with the numbers I did get in. I'm really happy with the running at the moment. While 153 miles in one month is certainly good, I also recall running 119 miles in one week as a senior on the high school cross country team. The aspect of high mileage certainly is in direct proportion to your age.

Trophy from 1977: Varsity Hardest Worker; Most Mile for Season (770), Most Miles for One Week (119)

October 2010 Total Numbers

Total Workout Hours: 33:53.00
Swim Miles - 4.94
Bike Miles - 219.24
Run Miles - 153.17 (7:33 per mile avg)

Compare to last year - Man, I had a lousy October last year!

October 2009 Total Numbers

Swim Miles - 4.83
Bike Miles - 76.08
Run Miles - 39.28

Compare to last month -

September 2010 Total Numbers

Total Workout Hours: 37:07.57
Swim Miles - 7.61
Bike Miles - 321.26
Run Miles - 124.17 (7:39 per mile avg)

Year-To-Date (2010)

Swim Miles - 103.17
Bike Miles - 2878.68
Run Miles - 1000.89

Upcoming in November -

Nov 14 - Bronda's Du (USAT), Fort Worth, TX - 2 mi run, 15 mi bike, 2 mi run


Adam Beston said...

Saw your year totals so I worked my spreadsheet a bit and got 40 swim, 2934 bike and 1063 run. We are basically the same as far as raw totals go. Lets see how well we can stay on target for the winter.

Mario said...

Don't you ever take a break!?! I don't know how you keep it up. I had nothing in October (races, that is)--and I'm sort proud of it. I might to a Turkey Trot this month, but I like the slacking time.