Sunday, May 2, 2010

Totals: Month Ending April 2010

April was a good month for mileage. I didn't hit the totals I wanted to. This was due to travel, weather, and illness. But I'm happy just the same. I do not expect to have these many miles in the month of May, so best to get 'er done while the schedule was conducive to it. Certainly, a strong April for base building and getting in some speed segments.

Highlight was the big trip to Arkansas for the Iron Mountain triathlon/duathlon stage race in which I came away with the overall Masters title. Race recap here.

Numbers for April, 2010. All per Garmin expect where noted.

April 2010 Total Numbers

Total Workout Hours: 39:44.09
Swim Miles - 10.23
Bike Miles - 376.20
Run Miles - 103.27 (7:47 per mile avg)

Last Month

March 2010 Total Numbers
Total Workout Hours: 31:11.09
Swim Miles - 9.12
Bike Miles - 194.96
Run Miles - 106.43 (8:04 per mile avg)

compare to last year

April 2009 Total Numbers

Swim Miles - 7.22
Bike Miles - 306.65
Run Miles - 57.88 (Nike Plus)

Upcoming in May
May 15 - 3rd Annual Lakes to Pines Triathlon - Park Rapids, MN
May 22 - Fargo Half-Marathon - Fargo, ND

Note - A few weeks ago I spoke highly of a sports cream called IB-Relief. It does now appear there was a name change with the product (my guess is the FDA didn't like the reference to ibuprofen). It is now known as Bio-Relief Homeopathic Topical Cream and is available at Amazon. I have provided a product link below so you can easily order.

This cream is a new and safe daily pain relieving topical cream. It allows for immediate absorption to the site of the pain. This topical cream form offers important advantages over oral pain relievers like Advil. Smaller amounts of the active ingredients may be used as they do not have to be absorbed and passed through the G.I. Tract. It works extremely well on inflammation of tendons, ligaments and joints [sports injuries, sprains, strains and bruises]. Best of all, it is non-greasy, will not stain skin, dries in seconds and is absorbed immediately. And is odorless. I no longer need to smell like a walking infomercial for all things menthol based.

To become effective, it may take 48 to 72 hours as its anti-inflammatory actions are curative. One may apply the cream 3 to 4 times a day unless your physician or health care professional advises otherwise. Active Ingredients: Ibuprofen 1x, Arnica Montana 6x. Other Natural Ingredients: Black Currant (Ribes Nigrum) Seed Oil, Borage (Borago officinals) Seed Oil, Virgin Olive Oil, & Lavender Oil.

It is pricey. $19.99 for 2oz tube. I've been using it on my hammies when I feel that certain 'twinge' after a hard workout. My recovery time is greatly improved. And I don't have to worry about burning a hole in my gut by taking oral ibuprofen. I do recommend this product and will purchase it again.

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