Monday, May 3, 2010

Old School - Cycling Eyewear

Lance was crowing about going with a very dated pair of cycling glasses this past Sunday via his Twitter account.
Alright. Bustin' out the ol' school @oakley Factory Pilots today. Channeling my inner Phil Anderson.

Lance ol' buddy. I've got you beat. Back in the late 80's, I had the most in-demand cycling glasses money could buy. Bollé Performance Eyewear was all the rage. And they looked like this:

The glasses even had a high-tech foam "sweat band" running across your forehead. Dead sexy. I do not think sideburns were included. You had to grow your own.

What pair of cycling glasses would you never be seen in again? Share your story!


Mario said...

Dude...I will pretend I never saw those on your face. Where's the big puffy helmet with the stretch cover that made it more aero.

bwheat said...

I'm telling on you Brian. He didn't have the stretch cover aero-helmet. He had the stretch cover aero-wheel. Pseudo-disc. Have any pictures Brian.