Saturday, October 10, 2009

Snow! Holy Crap!

The Well Kept Wife and the Boy® were up very early Saturday morning as they were scheduled to be at Camp Stearns for a Cub Scout event. The WKW drew the blinds in our bedroom and was heard to exclaim, "F*cking-A! There is snow on the ground!"

I replied with my best Nelson Muntz 'Haw--Haw' laugh and dived deeper between the bed covers.

A little after 10 AM, I decided that I needed to share some pain with the aforementioned family members and ventured out for a three mile run. Temp was 27 with windchill factor at 17. Uh-huh. And the aforementioned family members continue to scoff at my request to move to Arizona. 'cause I tell you what, if is far too early for this crap-O-la of staring at a wall until spring decides to come.

I still hope to get some more outdoor rides in October. But things are looking nasty at the moment.

For those keeping score at home, I did not do last weekends duathlon in Grand Rapids, MN. Three reasons: 1) I was neck deep in work still at 5 PM Friday, 2) I had a bad head cold, 3) the race time forecast was upper 30's with 50% chance of rain. In other words, I woosied out.

I was thinking about doing a duathlon in Osceola this Sunday (10/11). I elected not to. Three reasons: 1) I am still neck deep in work and have not trained all week, 2) I am still getting over a bad head cold, 3) the race time forecast is upper 20's with chance of snow. In other words, I woosied out.

I do have a new suggestion under the helpful hint category. It's new from Starbucks, and I've been experimenting with it this week. Starbucks VIA™ Ready Brew is a truly great cup of coffee that you can prepare by just adding water. To enjoy it, all you have to do is tear open a pack and add water. Let the coffee brew 10 seconds and stir.

I prefer the Columbia. What I've been doing is just adding a packet to a bottle of chilled water (such as Ice Mountain)...shake it up, and enjoy the effects of caffeine hitting the ol' body when I'm experiencing my usual post lunch slumber. Instant gas without having to reach for a sugar laden soda. Try it.


bwheat said...

That's not wussin' out that's common sense, something you obtain as you get older. Take it from someone who is older I'd do the same thing.

Chad Sayban said...

I did have to laugh at the aero wheels on the stationary trainer. :-)