Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Boy® Continues His Swim Education

The Boy® has been participating on the Lifetime Fitness swim team for a few months now. He has gone from smacking the water and treating each lap like it was a Olympic race to controlled breathing, nice even strokes, and pacing himself throughout sixty to ninety minute workouts. Its been pure joy to watch his transformation.

We are very fortunate to have Tom Franke as one of the talented people coaching these young kids. Tom has coached competitive swimming for 30 years, and he is currently head coach of the US Paralympic Swim Team coaching staff. I've been around coaches for my entire life, and Tom is exceptional.

Take a look for yourself. Watch this nine year old kid now literally glide along. Hell, he may be beating the Old Man sooner than later.

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Mario said...

I know he'd glide by me...