Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lake Waconia Tri Preview

Sunday I will attempt to complete the Lake Waconia triathlon. It is the 20th anniversary of this event, and the first time I am doing it. This tri consists of: Swim 1/2 Mile, Bike 20 Miles, Run 4 Miles. And I say 'attempt' as my Achilles is still not 100% but gol' darn it, I paid good money to enter so I might as well attempt it.

I'm actually looking forward to the swim. When I picked up the race packet on Friday I was told the water temp was 78-degrees so it should be akin to swimming in my bathtub.

The only concern is my endurance. My work schedule...not my work-out schedule...but the job that pays the bills has been brutal the last three weeks. I've been getting only four to five hours a week of training. And when you consider I'm not running, well you get the picture.

My goals are:

15-minutes (1:42 per 100 yds pace)

55-minutes (21.8 MPH average)

35-minutes (8:45 per mile)

We'll see what happens. Sounds like great weather with a chance for a stiff breeze (15-20 mph).

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bwheat said...

Sounds like you have a plan. Good Luck and have fun.