Sunday, June 21, 2009

Annnnnd, We're Back

Gosh, it has been a while since last posting. Work has been an absolute bear. I've been on business travel, and summer camps are in full swing.

First up, the Boy®. He got out of school on June 8. He done passed the third grade, just like Jethro Bodine of the Beverly Hillbillies. And just like Jethro, this boy can 'cipher' as he ranked in the 99th percentile in the district in his math assessment and came in at the 95th percentile in his reading assessment.

His soccer team has been on a roll and is still undefeated. The Boy® has done very well playing in goal and scored two goooooAAAAAALLLLLLLLs! in his last game.

The Boy® is now swimming on the Lifetime Fitness swim team. I guess that is my big news. 9-years old and already swimming 90-min workouts and keeping up with 14-year old girls. Think about that....90-minute workouts at the age of nine....and he thinks it is 'fun'. He'll be beating me by next summer!

As for me, the Achilles is healing slowly. Very slowly..if at all. I'm not even sure I can race next weekend (Lake Waconia) or the weekend after that (Minneman). I had signed up for both events ages ago prior to the Achilles mess.

My choices are to simply skip one or both. Or show up and compete in the swim and bike then drop out. Or suck it up, hold my head high and plan on walking the run.

I tried to run the other day and I gave up after 2-mins as the tendon is still not in a good spot. So, sort of depressed over that. To be honest, I think the ol' season is over. I've been biking and swimming to stay in shape if/when the Achilles lets me run again.

The Boy® and I made our obligatory weekend excursion to my parents lakeside retreat last weekend. Weather was pretty good and Gramps and grandson had a good time fishing off the dock as well as from the boat.

I witnessed a loon challenge a heron one morning, which was pretty neat. I was watching a loon when I spied a heron walking along the rushes.

The heron must have been close to the loon's nest as the loon let out a warning cry and then abruptly starting flapping its wings across the water towards the heron who quickly vacated.

I figured the loon couldn't take to the air because it had a bad Achilles.

At any rate, hope all your training is going well. I always call summer solstice the first day of fall as the days start to get shorter now. So much for summer!

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