Saturday, April 20, 2013

Race Result: 2013 Cemstone Run For Others 10K

Event: Cemstone Run For Others 10K
Date: Saturday, April 20, 2013
Location: St. Andrews Luthern Church, Mahtomedi MN
Hotel: Home, sweet home
Weather: 25F, light winds at 4-6 MPH from NW, sunny
Official Results: Overall and Age Group
Previous Results: First time at this event

Personal Results

Goal: Speed Workout
Actual: 41:43 (6:43 per mile pace)
Overall: 3rd (39 total); 2nd in 50-59 AG (5 total)


Garmin Results

Sad to see the 7+ in there for Mile 5

There were hills. 171 ft of elevation gain.

I'm not doing a full write-up as I had not planned to do this event until the morning of. This Winter That Will Not End (Plymouth received another 10" of snow this week to go with the other 10" received earlier in April) has taken its toll. I'm sick of the treadmill. I'm sick of the bike wind-trainer. I want to be outside. So I jumped into this for no other reason than to get in a speed workout. If my ugly slow pace could be construed as speed.   I made it through and went home to hop on the bike. Mission accomplished. And this is probably the best the right tibia has felt since the stress fracture.

And hey! What about those old farts up in the top 10. Average age of the Top 5 was 51.2 years and the average age of the Top 10 was 48.2 years. Nice job old men! Nice job.  

Next Race

April 27 - Falls Duathlon, Cannon Falls MN. I have yet to sign up. Like everyone else, I'm watching the weather. I've yet to bike outdoors in 2013. The far reaching forecast currently says race time temp of 40 with a 40% chance of rain and snow showers. Yeahhhhhhh. I'll be making up my mind as we draw closer to Saturday.

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