Thursday, March 22, 2012

Everything But Kitchen Sink

This blog entry is just a stream of stream of consciousness to get some items covered. First up, the injury update.

The left calf/ankle issue continues to be bothersome. I am swimming and biking but simply cannot run. I can't push off without having pain. There is limited, bearable, pain when climbing while on the bike. So I continue to rest it. Ice it. Compress. If it has not sufficiently healed by the time I return from London, I'll be heading into the doctors office.

Because of the injury, I skipped the St. Patrick's Day 5K in Fargo on March 17. This was tough to swallow as I had that event circled as a A-Event. Sometimes, life just rains on your parade. For the curious, the results for this race are here. Congrats to Fargo Running Company owner (and fellow Fargo Running Company race team member) Cley Twigg for taking first overall. By the looks of things, it looked like quite the event.

The 5K lead off the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Fargo

Also because of the injury, it is all but certain that I will not be competing in London for the second year in a row after signing up for an event. This also hurts. I'm starting to wonder if I will ever get the chance to compete internationally or if I'm somehow cursed in this regard.

In taking a look back at the Treadmill 1 Mile World Championship, held at Gear West Ski & Run the first weekend of March, I can share a bit more with you. If you missed the race recap, you can find it here.  And results are listed here.

Carrie Tollefson was at the event and taped a feature for her weekly video blog. She is an American middle distance runner who was on the US 2004 Summer Olympic team. At the US Olympic Trials in 2004, she won the 1500 meters. She competed in the 2004 Olympic Summer Games, making it to the semis in the 1500 meters. She now holds a distance camp at St.Kates, for teens. You can see how it looked at the treadmill event by watching her video below.

Have you seen this poster? I really like it. Some people might think I'm ripping on slow runners but my point is that a running race should be just that: Run as fast as you can.

A 7-hr marathon equates to a 16-minute mile. An average fitness walking pace is close to a 15 minute mile. So if you are basically walking a that something to be respected? I fall on the side of the fence where this is not an accomplishment.

Two events come to mind: Kona and Leadville. Both have time cutoffs during the event. If you are not at Point A by a designated time, you are pulled out of the race. Is it time for marathons to instigate a time cutoff? I think so.

Finally, in other race results my southern Minnesota racing buddy, Mario Minelli got chicked. Yes, we fellows get chicked now and then. Nothing to be ashamed of. However, Mr. Minelli is not your weekend warrior that takes 7-hours to complete a marathon. He's one of the top Masters triathletes in the state and a very, very fast runner. So, who chicked him (results)?

That honor went to Ruth Brennan Morrey. Ruth has an amazing year in 2011 and is a chick to watch in 2012. She ended last year winning the Female 35-39 AG at the 2011 Henderson ITU Long Distance Triathlon World Championships. So, if Ruth chicks you this honored. Be very honored.


gc said...

...maybe as a pre-requisite ...they had to volunteer at a couple races with 8 hour stints in the rain & cold..???

Kevin said...

I understand at one point you had a pair of AVIA Mantis racing shoes....Do you still have them? If so could you email me at kevin_mcd@hotmail - Love the blog!!!